Tuition & Fees

A summer student writes:

“At first, it seems quite expensive and I almost backed out because I can’t really afford it, but I just decided to go into a little debt and it has been totally worth it. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, but i think the initial price puts off people. Once you get here though, you realize how many resources (boats and lab equipment) we are provided with and the money isn’t a big deal at all.”

For all Students, fees consist of two parts:

1) BMSC fees

2) University tuition fees



The BMSC has been supporting award-winning educational field trips for over 48 years. We believe our success arises from our longstanding reputation for experiential learning that inspires youth, and from our amazing educators who have the privilege of introducing students to the region. In the past year, we have expanded our programming and made improvements on how we engage students and provide an unparalleled learning experience amidst life-changing exploration and discovery. Our mission is to also enable student impact by providing more hands-on research experience.

2024 BMSC Summer Course Fees

BMSC Summer course fees includes accommodation, meals, and user fees. All students will be provided with a break-down of their BMSC fee.

Application Fee
  • $50 (before March 1st scholarship deadline)
  • $75 (after scholarship deadline)
Per Course Deposit
  • $600 (per 6 credit unit course)
  • $300 (per 3 credit unit course)



  • 6 credit unit course – $5,625
  • 3 credit unit course – $2,810

AUDIT fees in addition to BMSC Fees:

  • 3 credit unit AUDIT fee: $600
  • 6 credit unit AUDIT fee: $1,200

NOTE: UVic calculates credit units differently from our other member universities. A 6 credit unit course is 3 units at UVic, and a 3 credit unit course is 1.5 units at UVic.

  • Course deposits must be received by Friday March 29, 4:30 pm, PT to hold your place in summer courses.
  • Course deposits are not refundable.
  • Course deposits are applied towards your BMSC fee.

2024 BMSC Fall Program Fees*

Course Fees includes accommodation, meals and user fees:

Application Fee
  • $50 (before scholarship deadline)
  • $75 (after scholarship deadline)
Fall Program Deposit$1,500
BMSC Fee$14,060
  • Deposits must be received by May 1, 4:30 pm to hold your place in the Fall semester.
  • Semester deposits are not refundable.
  • Semester deposit fees are applied towards your BMSC fee. Course deposits are not additional fees.

To drop a course, students must inform the University Programs Coordinator in writing (e-mail, fax or post), that they will not attend. It is not sufficient to cancel registration at a member university.

Fees can be paid to BMSC by cash, debit, credit card, cheque, money order or travelers cheques. Payment plans and financial supports are available.

*Fees are subject to change.

University Tuition Fees

  • Students registered at member universities (UA, UBC, UC, UVIC, SFU) pay tuition to their home institution.
  • Students from other universities must apply to the University of Victoria (UVIC), register for BMSC courses at UVIC and pay tuition to UVIC. Click here for tuition fees at UVIC.
    NOTE: At UVIC, a 3 credit unit course is 1.5 fee units, and a 6 credit unit course is 3 fee units.
  • Students who don’t need university credit (auditors) pay tuition directly to BMSC. Tuition at BMSC is $600 for a three week course and $1,200 for a six week course.

International students should enquire whether your institution is a partner with one of BMSC’s member universities, as you may be eligible for exchange status.

Graduate Students:

If you are a graduate student at a university covered under the Western Deans Agreement (Athabasca, Brandon University, University of Lethbridge, University of Manitoba, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, Concordia University College of Alberta, Royal Roads University) you may not be required to pay extra tuition.

Graduate students at member universities who have paid tuition for the summer semester need not pay additional tuition to attend courses at BMSC.