Dr. Chris Wood receives SETAC Global Fellow Award

Long-time BMSC researcher Dr. Chris Wood recently received the prestigious SETAC 2020 Global Fellow Award, which recognizes contributions of individuals, or groups of individuals, who have made clearly identifiable, outstanding contributions consistent with the goals of the Society of Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), which promotes the advancement of environmental sciences, education in the field, and the use of science in environmental policy and decision-making.

Chris and his associates have been conducting research at BMSC since 1980! His research group primarily focuses on physiology and aquatic toxicology, though their research also examines the interactions of fish, crustaceans, and molluscs with their environment at all levels from the molecular to the biogeochemical to the ecological. They are particularly interested in the sublethal effects of natural factors and anthropogenic pollutants on organismal function, and the strategies by which animals adapt to extreme environments. He has published over 700 peer-reviewed papers, 51 book chapters, and 5 books, and has served on the editorial boards of 8 journals, including at present Journal of Experimental Biology and Aquatic Toxicology.

Congratulations Chris!