Policies & Guides

These policies are provided to ensure your visit to BMSC is productive and safe.

Information for Researchers

Field Research

Research User Agreement Form

The Research User Agreement form must be signed and returned to the Research Coordinator prior to your arrival at BMSC.

Resource Guide to BMSC

This is your information manual for living and conducting research at BMSC. Please take a few moments to read it as most questions you might have about living and working at our facility will be answered here.

The Off-Campus Travel Risk Management Policy requires that trip organizers plan commensurate with the risk of an activity and ensure that participants are knowledgeable about the risks of participation. To support this planning, a Field Safety Plan document has been developed to identify key planning considerations and to identify and manage risks associated with the program.

The Terrestrial Trip Plan form must be completed prior to conducting off campus terrestrial field work.

Discuss your trip plan with the DSO, University Programs Coordinator or Research Coordinator as appropriate, and post this form outside of the main Administration Office.

Safety in the laboratory

Safety at sea

Social Conduct

Radiation Safety

The radiation safety manual has been developed with the mandate, principles and safety practices of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in mind and has the endorsement of the member universities:

  • UBC Committee on Nuclear substances and radiation devices and Radiation Hazards
  • University of Victoria’s Radiation Health and Safety in Research Committee
  • Simon Fraser University’s Committee on Radiation Safety
  • BMSC’s Health and Safety Committee.

Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemical transport and safe-use guide

Laser Safety

Our Fluid Dynamics Laboratory houses one of Canada’s largest flumes.

The flume is equipped with a 2-D Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) system for flow visualization featuring a large view-field (0.6 m2) and vector capture rates of 10 x/s. The PIV system features La Vision software and has the ability to build serial sections of flow profiles.

Please read the attached safety policy and manual before using the PIV system.

Boating Policy

The purpose of this document is to establish basic policy governing the use of boats operated from and by users and staff of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) under WCUMSS’s auspices. The intent of this policy is to optimize safety and efficient use of BMSC facilities in all boat operations.

Scientific Diving Policy

Scientific divers using the BMSC facilities are required to observe BMSC regulations. It is the intent of this guide to maximize diver safety.

Snorkeling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure snorkelling safety.

Dive Tending Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for being a dive tender at BMSC.

Alcoholic Beverages Policy

The BMSC Alcohol Policy reflects an increasing awareness of the risks associated with consumption of alcoholic beverages and the obligation to promote responsible alcohol use. It has been created out of respect for the general well being of the entire BMSC community, and recognizing that many visitors to BMSC are not of the legal age to consume alcohol.

Workplace Violence Policy

The purpose of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre’s Workplace Violence Policy is to prevent and protect its employees from workplace violence. This document outlines the policy, roles and responsibilities of all BMSC employees and the related procedures.

Any Questions?

Contact the Head of Research Services
phone: 250-728-3301 ext. 255