BMSC 50th presents:

Celebrating 50 years of excellence in research and education: 
A story of collaboration, persistence and innovation.

In the slideshow below, first presented at the PEEC 2022 conference in March 2022, we describe the story of the BMSC, which has grown as a result of a remarkable collaboration among 5 universities working together to provide a field station on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We share historical photographs from our archive and the first years as the Bamfield Marine Station, highlight how we have grown, and describe our journey and strategy for the future, as we plan for success as a sustainable, world-class research and education facility on the west coast of Canada.


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The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre: Celebrating 50 years of Excellence in Research & Education” This is a story of collaboration, persistence and innovation.

This presentation was created and presented by Dr. Heather Alexander
to the PEEC 2022 Conference, March 20, 2022.

Thank you to many photographers including; Ron Long, Oliver Evans, Iain R. Reid, Jeff Reynolds, Heather Alexander, Stella Peters, Lily Campbell, Paul Joseph, Bill Austin, Chris Lobban, and Leya Tess Anderson.