Multi-disciplinary research at BMSC

BMSC is a world-class leader in multi-disciplinary research, providing a center for collaborative investigation in a diverse array of basic and applied sciences.

Research Seminar Series

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2023 2023

University of Victoria

Dr. Amanda Bates

Associate Professor

Dr. Iain McKechnie

Assistant Professor and Hakai Institute Scholar

Dr. Sarah Dudas

Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of British Columbia

Simon Fraser University

Dr. Louis Druehl

Professor Emeritus

University of Calgary

University of Alberta

Dr. Lindsey Leighton


Dr. Tamzin Blewett

Assistant Professor

National Partners

Dr. Elizabeth Boulding

University of Guelph

JP Hastey

Owner, Nova Harvest Ltd.
Nova Harvest Ltd.

Dr. Louis Gosselin

Associate Profesor
Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Chris Cameron

Associate Professor
Université de Montréal

Dr. Iain McGaw

Associate Professor
Memorial University

Dr. Dan Bolnick

University of Connecticut

Dr. Gary Anderson

Associate Professor
University of Manitoba

Dr. Sam Starko

Post Doctoral Fellow
University of Western Australia

Dr. Tim Higham

Associate Professor
University of California, Riverside

Dr. Andea Morash

Assistant Professor
Mount Allison University

Dr. Corey Garza

California State University, Monterey Bay

Dr. Cosima Porteus

Assistant Professor
University of Toronto, Scarborough
Degnan Hembroff

Degnan Hembroff

Senior Project Engineer
Ocean Networks Canada

Dr. Dina Navon

Assistant Professor
University of the Fraser Valley

Joanne Lessard

Marine Ecologist