Dr. Sean Rogers


Sean’s interest in the ecology and evolution of fishes began during his BSc and MSc research on sea-run brook charr at the University of New Brunswick. He did his PhD at Laval University and was then awarded an NSERC post doctoral fellowship to study coastal and freshwater fishes in the Pacific Northwest. Sean started his faculty position at the University of Calgary in 2009. His research program continues to focus on the genetics of adaptation to environmental change in fishes using ecological genomics to test hypotheses about how organisms respond, at the genetic level, to changes in their external environment. He was awarded an Alberta Innovates New Faculty Award in 2010 and a Killam Emerging Researcher Award in 2012. His research at the BMSC seeks integrative and innovative solutions to some of the more pressing problems facing society, including invasive species, biodiversity decline, fisheries and aquaculture productivity and sustainability, and rapid evolution in response to climate change.