BMSC is required by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to submit reports of all animals used and collected in research and teaching. All researchers, students and other animal users must report their collections to BMSC.

Report Your Animal Collections Here:

Please download the collection form below, fill it in and email it to The Animal Care Coordinator

BMSC Biodiversity Database


The BMSC Biodiversity Database is no longer accessible to the general public; however, there is 45 years of collection records data availible upon request. Please contact the  Head of Animal Care for for more information.

BMSC Herbarium

The herbarium includes plants from Barkley Sound, in addition to a few international algae specimens. The collection includes algae, vascular plants, lichens, moss, and fungi. Most specimens were collected during the late 1960s, as BMSC was being established. Students and researches continue to add specimens, helping to establish a baseline of biodiversity in Barkley Sound.

In addition, BMSC holds a copy of:

Phycotheca Boreali-Americana: A collection of dried specimens of the algae of North America.  1895 to 1919.

BMSC Zoology Museum

The Zoology Museum includes primarily fish and invertebrates of Barkley Sound. Most are preserved in jars. There is also a collection of dry mollusc shells and marine mammal teeth.  Students and researchers continue to contribute specimens, helping establish a baseline of biodiversity in Barkley Sound.


Researchers and students are contributing flora and fauna observations to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Umbrella on – a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

Biodiversity Links

Provides fisheries and environmental resources in order to help implement sustainable practices in the marine environment.

Archipelago Marine Research

A database of DNA barcode sequences, which can assist with identifying and classifying unknown samples.

Barcode of Life Database

Generates a list of species found in a geographic area of BC or of a certain conservation status. Also provides information about a particular species or ecosystem.

BC Species and Ecosystem Explorer

A free e-book that introduces conservation biology, biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate change – in a way that is accessible to a wide audience

Conservation Biology for All (ebook)

An online biogeographic atlas of flora found in BC.

Flora BC

An online encyclopedia which provides information about living species of all kinds, with an ultimate goal to gather information about 1.9 million species.

Encyclopedia of Life

A global species database particularly for fish species. Information can be located based on country, ecosystem, physiology, life history, and many other criteria.


Provides spatial information about fish, wildlife, and ecosystems of BC through a map-based tool. Requires Microsoft Silverlight to run.


A database of taxonomic information for various species – North American species in particular.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System – ITIS

A classification database for many organisms – specifically, those covered by public sequence databases.

NCBI Taxonomy

An e-book containing photos and information about sculpins from the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest Sculpins (pdf)

A photo gallery of the identifying features of phytoplankton from the American West Coast (Washington, Oregon, California).

Phytoplankton ID (pdf)

The World Register of Marine Species aims to provide the most authoritative list of names of all marine species globally, ever published.


Ocean Expert:

A directory of marine in freshwater professionals

A synthesis of the available knowledge of coral restoration methods in a review paper, incorporating data from the peer-reviewed scientific literature, complemented with grey literature and a survey of coral restoration practitioners.

Coral Restoration Database