Seminar, Tuesday August 15: “Tse’K’wa: early postglacial environments and people in British Columbia”. 5pm, Rix Centre

 Rix Centre, 5pm. All Welcome

Dr. Jon Driver, is professor of archaeology at Simon Fraser University, and currently serves as the president of WCUMSS. He has conducted archaeological research in western Canada, the southwest USA and the UK.

Seminar Summary: Tse’K’wa (the stone house) is a cave in northeastern British Columbia that contains a rare stratified record of human occupations and environmental evidence that span more than 12,000 years, from the end of the ice age to the construction of the Alaska Highway in the 1940’s. Although excavated by archaeologists many years ago, the site continues to help us understand the end of the last ice age and the peopling of North America, and it remains the keystone site for documenting changing human cultures in the Peace River region. This talk will focus on the oldest layers at the site that tell a story about the first peoples in British Columbia and their relationship with the rapidly changing post-glacial environments.