Dr. Tamzin Blewett and her lab are here studying anthropogenic stressors on west coast species

Dr. Tamzin Blewett started her Bamfield journey in 2012, as a PhD student in the lab of Dr. Chris Wood (McMaster University), investigating the effects of anthropogenic stressors on native and invasive species of the west coast of Canada.

Now, as an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta I am continuing my research in this field. Currently, there are 6 amazing researchers from the Blewett Lab on site: PhD student Isabel Aragao; MSc students Sienna Overduin, Hannah Lowes and Robert Griffin; and last but not least our research tech/undergraduate Jenelle McCuaig.

Our goals are to understand how organisms respond to environmental stressors both natural and anthropogenic, and understand the relationship between abiotic and biotic factors that might influence the response of organisms to these stressors (e.g. sociality, specific unique water chemistries and parasites).

Field Work

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