Dr. Chris Wood’s lab investigates how marine animals respond to changing climate and ocean environmental stresses

Long-time BMSC researcher, Dr. Chris Wood, and lab members Beverly Po, Jun Eom, and Carolyn Morris (UBC Zoology), investigate how marine animals such as hagfish, sculpins, flatfishes, and the invasive European green crab respond to changing climate and ocean environmental stresses. Their studies taking place at the BMSC examine how fish digest food and process waste, how salinity affects crabs’ gills and their ability to respire, and how intertidal crabs manage the accumulation of waste products while they’re out of water.

Increasing understanding of these animals’ physiology, allow for predictions of how food webs and ecosystems may change as oceans warm, and how marine animals may respond to other human disturbances such as overfishing, pollution, and non-native species introductions.

Read more about Dr. Wood’s research here: https://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~woodcm/Woodblog/