Research Overview

Multi-disciplinary research at BMSC

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre provides year-round research facilities, basic and specialty equipment, and technical assistance to scientists from everywhere. We offer unparalleled access to a wide array of environments – including unique coastal, freshwater, marine, and rainforest habitats and exceptional species diversity.

Why do research at the BMSC?

Research Themes

Challenge 1: Accelerating climate change

BMSC will support research objectives on coastal climate change and its effects, and solutions for managing changing ocean environments.

Challenge 2: Biodiversity and conservation

BMSC will partner with community and networks in research activities that contribute to an understanding of marine biodiversity and its conservation.

Challenge 3: Environmental resource management and sustainable economic development

BMSC will provide basic infrastructure to allow rapid testing and upscaling of new ventures in the “blue economy”, and will offer bridging opportunities for start-ups and SMEs.

Challenge 4: Building scientific literacy

BMSC will promote research into effective science education.

Please submit applications to the research department at least 30 days prior to start date.  WCUMSS members and applications received prior to February 1st will have priority.

Contact the Head of Research Services for inquiries about research at BMSC, including research and accommodation fees.

Tao Eastham
Head of Research Services
ph: 250-728-3301 ext. 255

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Implications of polygenic sex determination in an intertidal copepod

Further supportive evidence of polygenic sex determination in Tigriopus californicus was recently published in Ecology and Evolution.

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Fall Program Alumni celebrate undergraduate research publication

2021 Fall Program students and mentors collaborate to publish undergraduate Directed Studies research!

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Matt Csordas, UVIC PhD student, is determining Kelp distribution around Vancouver Island

These data will be used to establish a contemporary baseline of kelp distribution, with the goal to predict kelp decline and/or recovery under future climate scenarios.

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