With great sadness we inform you of the loss of our friend and colleague, Tomonari Kaji

Tomo was a Post-Doctoral researcher with Dr. Rich Palmer, interested in morphological transformations underlying major evolutionary changes in function. A man of diverse talents, he was also a musician and aerobatics pilot.


Dr. Rich Palmer writes:

“Dear friends and colleagues of Tomonari Kaji,

With profound sorrow and sadness I write to let you know that Tomonari died last week while on a spiritual quest in Mexico.

He died unexpectedly from a sudden health issue during the last day of his stay.

He was with a friend from Japan, and, according to others who were with him at the time, he was happy and very glad to be where he was.  For this we can be grateful.

I am sure that all of you will share my grief at this tragic passing of such a supremely talented individual.

With great sadness, Rich Palmer”

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