This ship is sailing! Thank you John for your 19 years of excellence!

For over 19 years our Captain John Richards has overseen marine operations at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

John’s commitment to excellence and service included maintenance of our fleet of 9 boats, including the Alta which continues to be the workhorse of the fleet thanks to John. He helped train countless students and researchers to be safe on the ocean, and shuttled up to 4000 youth annually in our Field Trips Program, offering his personal and extensive knowledge of Barkley Sound to every group with boundless enthusiasm. John’s record and reliability on the water is to be commended – last year 1,537 boat trips left BMCS docks carrying 16,867 students/researchers, and 16,867 returned with a smile, a memory, research data, or in some cases a life changing experience. John’s dedication on the foreshore elevated all of us and helped lead BMSC to where we are today.

So, as John sets his sails on a new horizon, we would like to congratulate him on his retirement and thank him for 19 years of excellence.

Thank you John!