Science Literacy Week – Exploring Ocean Plastics with an ROV

Thursday Sept. 22, 11:30 am PDT we will be diving into the ways that mathematics can address problems associated with plastic pollution in our oceans.

We will be exploring the ocean floor in search of pollution using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), streaming live from Barkley Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island BC. We will be looking at the ways plastic influences our marine organisms and ecosystems, and the ways you can take action to improve your environmental impact. We will talk to graduate student, Lori-Jon Waugh from @universityofbc about her research on microplastics.

Tune in tomorrow, Sept. 22nd, to see what we can discover under the west coast waves!

Register in advance for zoom event!

Learn more about green crabs in this video by the Coastal Restoration Society: