Phil Lavoie is taking on a new role as the BMSC Skipper/Foreshore Assistant

Phil Lavoie has been at the helm of the Field Trips Program since 2013, working alongside Kelly Clement and many Marine Science Educators over the years. He has been instrumental in providing learning experiences to thousands of Field Trip visitors.

Aside from his dedication to public education and field trips over the last 2 decades, Phil has been instrumental in establishing the BMSC Live! program during the pandemic. It seems he has enjoyed his role as “tech-hand” so much that he’s decided to change course and pursue his 60-tonne Master Certification. This ticket will enable him to captain the Alta and Barkley Star vessels, and so a big congratulations goes out to Phil in his new role as Skipper/ Foreshore Assistant. 

Congratulations Phil!

In addition, we can all congratulate Owen Newson on his new appointment as co-coordinator of the Field Trips Program. Owen is an alumnus of Fall Program 2015, and has also been an educator in the Field Trip Program since 2016. Owen will join me in handling the administrative side of the program, so feel free to approach either one of us with logistical questions about field trips, and of course give Owen a big congratulations next time you see him as well.