A short video celebrating 50 years of excellence in research & education

This year we are the celebrating 50th anniversary of our first field courses, field trips and research visitors.

This is the story of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, or the BMSC, which has grown as a result of a remarkable collaboration among 5 universities working together since 1969 to provide a field station on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Enjoy the historical photographs taken before construction of the station began, the early years as the Bamfield Marine Station, how we have grown, and some of our achievements.

It is a journey into the future, as we plan for success as a sustainable, world-class research and education facility on the west coast of Canada.

Video produced by Maxwell Matchim
Music: “Accoustic Breeze” by Benjamin Tissot

Maxwell Matchim-Stewart is a student in the Environmental Visual Communications program taught through Fleming College at the Royal Ontario Museum. Maxwell is here doing a six week field placement with an environmental organization.

As someone with a lifelong passion for marine life, Maxwell is particularly excited about doing their placement here at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, where he has provided some content to our Instagram platform and created the 50th Anniversary video for us.