What gear shouId I bring?

The marine environment near BMSC can sometimes be cold and wet and is always unpredictable.  Consider bringing good quality, waterproof, rubber boots, heavy-duty rain gear (pants and jacket), backpack, flashlight/headlamp, and warm clothing. Close-toed footwear is required in labs and on boats. You can purchase limited rain gear and boots locally at Bamfield Builders Supply, Breakers Marine, or Bamfield Mercantile & Marine.  There are also boots available for borrow, but it is still recommended to bring your own (so that you are certain they won’t leak).

Pillows with cases are supplied, but you will need to bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket (mattresses are twin-long size).  Alternatively, you can rent a sheet/quilt set from BMSC (let the Head of Guest services know when you are making your accommodation booking). There are coin-operated laundry facilities on site (loonies).