How do I sign up to use Graduate Student Society Kayaks?

To obtain approval for the use of grad kayaks, interested graduate students should contact the grad in charge (Em Lim at to be added to the list of approved boat users, read the comprehensive grad boat policy (available here), and complete an in-person checkout. The checkout process will occur on Mondays at 16:30, at the foreshore (May – September). In the event of a holiday on Monday, the checkout session will be rescheduled to Tuesday at the same time. During this time, students seeking approval must attend the checkout session overseen by Carolyn McKinnon, who will facilitate the process. Alternatively, if the Monday session is impractical due to scheduling conflicts, students may arrange an alternative checkout time by emailing the responsible parties at and It is pertinent to note that if no individuals are present at the foreshore by 16:45, the checkout session will be concluded, and participants are advised to email Em and Carolyn to reschedule. Moreover, any cancellations of checkout sessions will be communicated by writing on the blackboard in the sail plan cubby. Compliance with these procedures ensures efficient and organized access to grad kayaks for interested students while facilitating proper tracking and oversight of boat usage.