Field Trip Booking Request – Fall 2024

The deadline for submission has now passed. You may still use the form to submit a booking request for our records, however you will automatically be placed on our waitlist.

How this form works:

  • Submitting a booking request does not guarantee a field trip.
  • We review the information you provide and build a calendar that includes as many groups/schools as possible. All applications will be collected and considered in an adjudication process based on a plan to prioritize inclusion, including strategies to include members of Canada’s Indigenous communities (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) and to reach specific groups based on geographical location and/or socio-economic status. Please note that the order in which applications are received is no longer a factor in determining success.
  • We will spend a few days reviewing all requests and will follow up with each request, letting you know if your submission was successful and what the next steps are to confirm your booking. Applicants who submitted before the January 24th deadline should expect a response by January 31st, 2024.

Application Form 

  • Contact Information

  • School NumberDirect Cell Number (optional)
  • Participant Details

  • Group sizes are always multiples of 12. BMSC requires a 1:11 ratio of chaperones to students for all K-12 groups. Adult groups do not require chaperones but should still aim for group sizes in multiples of 12.
  • Field Trip Details - FIRST CHOICE DATES

  • Field Trip Details - SECOND CHOICE DATES

  • This will help us assign you trip dates if your first or second choices are not available. List as many dates as you can.
  • Think about why bringing your class to the BMSC is so valuable compared to other destinations (eg. Science World, Shaw Centre for Ocean Discovery).
  • Interested applicants will be asked to write a letter explaining the financial shortfall and why this is a meaningful trip for students. The deadline to apply is February 23rd, 2024. K-12 schools can check eligibility here:
    Fundraising Ideas
  • BMSC will respond to me within a few business hours to acknowledge receipt of this trip request, and will send a separate confirmation e-mail if my trip request was successful.