Fall Program – Additional Information

Congratulations on being accepted to the 2023 Fall Program!

We require a few more details before your arrival on September 4.

Please submit this form by June 1, 2023.

Your primary email address

Emergency Contact


Traveling to Bamfield

Please let us know how you plan to travel to Bamfield. We will provide more information on the shuttle bus option soon.
Travel options(Required)

Boat Use

We are pleased to offer students the full use of our Cope fleet (14ft or 16ft) for the Fall Program.
All boat operators must have the following BEFORE coming to BMSC.
  1. Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC)
  2. A valid 2-day (16 hour) Marine Basic First Aid + CPR-C, or a valid First Aid + CPR-C certificate recognized by a province or territory (e.g. Red Cross, St. John's). ‘In-person’ or ‘blended’ courses that meet the above criteria are acceptable.

Boating experience is recommended but not necessary. You will be required to present your First Aid and PCOC certifications prior to using BMSC boats. Mandatory boat orientation/training is provided to boat operators. Students will be given the opportunity to practice their skills prior to being given permission to take the boats outside the inlet.
Do you wish to operate boats?(Required)
If you answered 'Yes' above, do you have experience driving motor boats?


SCUBA Diving is not part of any of the Fall Program courses activities or requirements. However, in rare cases, if students meet all of the requirements, they may be allowed to dive as part of their Directed Studies Project. Do you plan to use SCUBA?

If you intend to dive at BMSC, please consult the BMSC website on qualifying as a Scientific Diver at BMSC. The website also lists equipment that you must provide in order to be eligible. If you answered yes to the above question, we recommend researching into the advance requirements, certifications and equipment needs and then contacting the BMSC Dive Safety Officer by email as soon as possible (CC us to keep us in the loop on your plans).

If you answered 'yes' to SCUBA, please use the above space to communicate any relevant information (if applicable).


Note: We are currently planning our housing strategy, which is based upon BC Health Guidelines.
Typically, Fall Program students live in co-ed cabins, in shared, same-gender rooms (2 per room).

Gender (for housing assignment)(Required)
e.g. Do you want to be assigned into the same cabin as your friend? If so, put their name here.

Dietary Preferences

Meals always include a meat option and a vegetarian option.
To help us determine how much food to order and prepare, please indicate your preferences below. If you indicate that you eat meat, you will be expected to take the meat option for all meals. You can change this option at a later time.

Dietary Preferences(Required)

Please list any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Due to the high number of dietary restrictions received from students in recent years, BMSC may request specific dietary restrictions be accompanied by a note from a doctor. An example of an exception: if you eat meat but can not eat pork (e.g. for religious reasons), please mention that here. All dietary restrictions can be changed at a later date.

We are unable to support life-threatening, anaphylactic, airborne allergies.

Pertinent Medical Conditions

Bamfield is remote. It has a clinic with a small medical dispensary, staffed by a nurse. The closest doctor and hospital are in Port Alberni, two hours away by logging road. In the event of an emergency, evacuations by boat/helicopter are possible and dependent on weather. For these reasons, BMSC takes its students’ medical conditions very seriously.

Please share any pertinent, pre-existing medical conditions (or else type 'none' in the required field). This information is treated as confidential and will not be considered during the application process; it will be disclosed to BMSC First Aid officers and instructional staff during your course. The type of information we need includes but is not limited to: Serious allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, mobility issues, hearing impairments, issues with balance, visual impairments, pre-existing injuries, recent surgeries, serious illnesses, and mental health illness.

Academic accommodations

Accommodations reduce barriers and provide different ways of meeting essential course or program requirements. Of course, fulfilling these essential course or program requirements remains your responsibility.

If you require academic accommodation, please register with your home university to access accommodations particular to you.

Please email, or have your member university email us a copy of your accommodation letter so we can assist you to the best of our ability.

Please submit this form by June 1, 2023.

We look forward to seeing you on September 4th!