Join us as we transport you to the coastal waters and temperate rainforests of the traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations. Engage with climate and ocean experts, indigenous knowledge holders, fishers, scientists, ocean tech companies, and policy makers to uncover the potential of coastal community-based climate action.


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Aug 4, 2021Dr. Kate Moran, Ocean Networks Canada

Hereditary Chief Tliishin (Derek) Peters, Huu-ay-aht First Nations

Watch now!Episode 1: Centering to Place with Huu-ay-aht First Nations & the Science of Climate Change with Ocean Networks Canada
Aug 25, 2021Dr. Christopher Harley, University of British Columbia

Dr. Sally Leys, University of Alberta

Watch now!Episode 2: Marine Heatwaves and Coastal Biodiversity
Sept 15, 2021Dr. Dave Riddell, Ocean Networks Canada

Maynard Okereke, Hip Hop Science Show

Watch now!Episode 3: Science Communication and Climate Action
Sept 22, 2021Dr. Chris Neufeld, University of British Columbia

Dr. Sam Starko, University of Victoria

Dr. Patrick Martone, Univeristy of British Columbia

Watch now!Science Literacy Week Special Episode! 

Episode 4: Kelp Forest Ecosystems and Restoration in a Changing Climate

Oct 27, 2021Dr. John Reynolds, Simon Fraser University

Em Lim, Simon Fraser University

Watch now!Episode 5: Community-based Climate Science: iNaturalist Workshop
Nov 9, 2021Dr. Melissa Lem PaRx, BC Parks Foundation 

Jennie McCaffrey Healthy By Nature, BC Parks Foundation

Gabrielle Gelderman Climate Grief Chaplaincy & Healing Justice

Watch Now!Episode 6: Eco-Anxiety & Climate Mental Health
Nov 17, 2021Lauren Eckert University of Victoria

Dr. Jonathan Moore Simon Fraser University

Kasey Stirling
University of British Columbia

Councillor John Jack, Huu-ay-aht First Nations

Watch now!Episode 7: Pacific Salmon & 2-eyed Seeing in Fisheries Management
Dec 8, 13:00 PSTNatasha Legay Ocean Startup Project

Gregory Trowse Luna Sea Solutions Inc.

Delia Warren Iron and Earth Ambassador

Riley Richardson Marine Renewables & University of Victoria

Watch now!Episode 8: Renewable Ocean Energy
Jan 19, 13:00 PSTDr. Sophie Cormer-Warner University of Birmingham & McGill University

Larry Johnson and Robert Bocking, Huu-ay-aht First Nations Watershed Renewal Project

Watch now!Episode 9: Coastal Restoration & Carbon Sequestration
Feb 2, 13:00 PSTKristie Signer, City of Victoria

Rena Viehbeck, ICLEI Canada- Local Governments for Sustainability

Watch now!Episode 10: Rising Seas & Coastal Extremes
Feb 16, 13:00 PSTDr. Kim Juniper, Ocean Networks Canada

Moronke Harris, University of Victoria

Watch now!Episode 11: Deep Sea and Oceanographic Changes
Mar 9 @, 13:00 PSTRochelle Baker, The National Observer

Sean Holman, University of Victoria

Abeer Siddiqui, McMaster University

Watch now!Episode 12: Climate Education and Misinformation
Mar 30, 13:00 PSTNova Harvest LtdRegister hereEpisode 13: Regenerative Ocean Farming