Employment Opportunities


Lab Research Technician: University of Connecticut & BMSC

Location: Bamfield, BC

Date Posted: 17-May-24

A part-time lab research technician position is available to assist with a fish biology project at Bamfield Marine Sciences Center (BMSC) on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The technician will be employed by the University of Connecticut and working for Dr. Dan Bolnick, who is based in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Connecticut. The position will be funded by a U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (EEID) grant to study the biology of a tapeworm Schistocephalus solidus, as it infects copepods, stickleback fish, and piscivorous birds.

Tasks: The technician will assist in animal care, rearing stickleback fish at BMSC. They will be responsible for monitoring fish health, feeding, and cleaning. They will assist with record keeping. Towards the end of the project the technician will assist with experimental measures of behavior and immunity of the lab-raised fish. The successful applicant will be required to complete the UPEI Experimental Fish certification.

Minimum Qualifications: Applicants must be organized and reliable and have the ability to carry out laboratory research and fish care protocols. Previous educational experience and work records should demonstrate a good work ethic, organizational ability, and interest in scientific research. The successful applicant must have an undergraduate degree (e.g., BSc or BA) or a higher degree.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with animal care is valuable, especially care of fish or other aquatic organisms. An undergraduate degree in biology or a related field is strongly preferred. A graduate degree (e.g., a Master’s degree) would be valuable.

Duration: The appointment will be from late July 2024 through the end of February 2025, The position will assist a full time technician providing days off and emergency coverage, and will have an approximate work schedule of 15 hrs per week, with 4 days on, 10 days off.

Salary depends on experience but is expected to be between 15 – 25 US$ per hour.

Applicants should electronically submit a single pdf file containing the following in order:

  1. Cover letter, including summary of research experience and career goals
  2. CV
  3. List of two (or three?) references, with contact information (email, telephone and mailing address)

We will request letters directly from these references, after identifying top candidates.

The application pdf file should be emailed to Dr. Daniel Bolnick (daniel.bolnick@uconn.edu). Include the subject line “Field Technician Application: <YOUR NAME>”. Applications must be received by June 15, 2024 for full consideration though late applications may be considered.

For questions about this position, please email Dr. Bolnick (daniel.bolnick@uconn.edu). For information about the Bolnick Lab, visit the lab website (https://bolnicklab.wordpress.com), and Dr. Bolnick’s Google Scholar page.

The University of Connecticut is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants with questions about disability services can privately discuss their application with the University of Connecticut Disability Services Office.