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Hagfish slime reduces uptake of metals, but not organic nutrients.

Hagfish slime acts as a selective filter, allowing the passage of nutrients across the skin, but impairing the transport of trace elements that may cause toxicity at relatively elevated levels.

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Maximizing power generation from tidal energy.

Maximizing energy from tidal energy: University of Washington mechanical engineers are testing generation methods using the flume and PIV at BMSC.

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Education and research at BMSC, en français

A short documentary (in French) about research and education at BMSC, by Vien Voir Ici TV.

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Summer seminar, Thurs. Sept. 3, 7pm

Title: “Group and population dynamics in a social breeder” Dr. Andrew Bateman. Location: RIX Centre.

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Bradley R. Anholt

Director, BMSC Professor, University of Victoria Research Interests: Population and community consequences of antipredator defenses in ciliated protozoans. Ecology and evolution of sex ratios in a marine copepod. My research focuses on how adaptive changes in behaviour affect other members of a food-web through their indirect connections. I have worked extensively on amphibian larvae and…
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Physiological responses of intertidal starfish when exposed at low tide

Physiological mechanisms of Pisaster ochraceus suggest this species is ideally suited for life in the intertidal zone.

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Summer seminar, Thurs. Aug 27, 7pm

Title: “A plague on both your houses: Evolutionary conflicts between the sexes.” Dr. Mikael Mökkönen. Location: RIX Centre.

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Summer seminar, Thurs. Aug 20, 7pm

Title: “Sexual conflict: Arms race or tug-of-war?” Dr. Adam Chippendale. Location: RIX Centre.

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Eric Kristjan

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Where are the biggest mussels?

Connor and Robles (2015), working on small a spatial scale, show that mussels (Mytilus californicus) from low-shore and high wave exposure habitats grow faster when young and become the largest adults.

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