Undergraduate Research Fellowships & Internships

BMSC Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) is competitive award to support a student’s return to BMSC for a short time during a subsequent semester (typically less than 4 weeks), to complete research started during a BMSC course. Individual students and teams of students are eligible. Teams of students (up to 4 students) wishing to apply should submit a single proposal.

Successful candidates will be provided with housing and access to the BMSC resources necessary to complete their proposed research. Applications will be considered at any time of year, but must be received at least 1 month prior to the date of the proposed research.

To apply, students must submit the following documentation via email to university@bamfieldmsc.com

  • A letter of support from an instructor of the BMSC course in which the research was initiated describing the nature of supervision to be provided;
  • a copy of the final paper or report describing the research conducted to date;
  • a current resume or CV for each student;
  • a 1-page proposal describing the proposed follow-up work to be conducted at BMSC including, a description of BMSC resources required, and clear evidence of how the follow-up work is of sufficient quality to be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Recipients:

2018: Olivia Walker & Mary Clinton

2019: Rebecca Waines & Chelsea Bennett

2022: Carter Burtlake

2023: Rebecca Krohman & Risa Ogushi – The effect of dissolved oxygen concentration on heartbeat and heart reversal in the ascidian tunicate Corella inflata

Emma Simonok & Colin Fitchner – The impact of calcification level of two articulated coralline algae on herbivory by the chiton Katharina tunicata

Reilly Perovich – Seasonal and spatial shifts in endosymbiont counts and densities in the anemones Anthopleura elegantissima and Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Bamfield Research Internships

Our BMSC Research Internships link undergraduate students and recent graduates with Faculty mentors as collaborators in marine science research projects. The program takes advantage of the pristine marine environment, remarkable biodiversity, and the scientific and technical resources at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

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